Zoning Reports

Living in a historic city has many benefits, but the zoning regulations that preserve its authenticity can be difficult to navigate. New Orleans zoning laws are highly extensive, especially in historic districts. A violation could put your business on hold.

New Orleans operates under the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, or CZO. The current New Orleans CZO went into effect in 2015, and includes zoning districts, overlay districts, and historic and conservation districts. Proposed changes must be submitted to the City Planning Commission, who will approve, deny, or recommend changes to the application. Next, the New Orleans City Council votes on, and the Board of Zoning adjustments approves or denies variances from the CZO’s requirements.

Have you recently acquired new property? Do you want to make changes to your existing property? To learn what the City will allow for your property, let Webre Consulting put together a report that’s tailored to your needs.


Webre Consulting offer zoning reports for a flat fee. This report highlights any and all zoning districts as well as the City’s long-term plans for future use. It will also cover what types of uses are permitted or prohibited, specific building regulations for the area, and additional permitting requirements. Based on these facts and your specific ideas or plans, we will make personal recommendations on potential uses for the property.

If there are conflicts, Webre Consulting would be happy to represent you in pursuing conditional use approval, zoning variances, resubdivision requests, and more, for an hourly rate.

Webre Consulting offers zoning consultation services outside of New Orleans, but the process will vary depending on the parish or municipality’s zoning laws and application procedures.

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New Orleans GIS Property Map showing the zoning districts defined by the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO)

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