Neighborhood Participation Program

The New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance (CZO) determines what kind of land uses are allowed in each zoning district. Certain types of developments require conditional use approval by the City. Other projects that don’t quite meet existing zoning regulations, but are consistent with surrounding development may require a zoning change or variance request approval. Land use decisions like these require the applicant to inform and engage with neighbors through their Project Neighborhood Participation Program (NPP). This involves mailing out letters, hosting a meeting, following up, and compiling a report on community concerns. The following applications are subject to the Project NPP process:

Webre Consulting is available to help with any of these applications. We streamline this process by contacting neighbors, setting up and hosting the NPP meeting, documenting, addressing, and following up on concerns, compiling an NPP report, and submitting this and all other required documents to the City Planning Commission (CPC). We will track your application throughout this process, and may also represent you at CPC and City Council meetings.

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