Ace Hotel New Orleans occupies art-deco building extended by Eskew+Dumez+Ripple


August 11, 2018

The Ace Hotel chain has opened a location in New Orleans, where moody interiors fill a historic building and extra rooms are housed in a contemporary addition.
Ace Hotel New Orleans sits in the city’s Warehouse District, just south of the famous French Quarter, and is split across a 1928 building and a new extension.
The historic nine-storey building was designed by Weiss, Dreyfous and Seiferth – architects of Louisiana’s State Capitol in Baton Rouge – and once housed the largest furniture store in the American South…

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Gris-Gris, new Magazine Street restaurant, keeps the flavors local: Opening alert

Webre Consulting customer Gris Gris restaurant | The Times-Picayune

August 8, 2018

Eric Cook wants Gris-Gris, which opened this month on Magazine Street, to be a neighborhood restaurant. So his first step was going door-to-door to introduce himself…

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A Bite of Cook Magic at Gris-Gris Restaurant

Very Local New Orleans

August 1, 2018

Inside a wedge-shaped, historic building in the Lower Garden District, at the very beginning of Magazine Street’s Uptown six-mile stretch, Gris-Gris has taken shape. By adapting the space’s existing open kitchen and expanding the industrial-chic wood and metal furnishings, Chef Cook has created a space with a great feel…

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Here Are New Orleans’ Essential Summer Salads

Artisan Bar and Cafe’s hefty chef salad

Eater New Orleans

July 30, 2018

Eating hot roast beef debris and a bowl of gumbo is as enticing right now as roasting marshmallows around a bonfire in July. It’s hotter than hell out there, but that does’t mean anyone needs to go without.
Mostly made of lettuce, which is mostly made of water, salads are innately reviving, a smugly satisfying meal despite the loads of blue cheese dressing and bacon bits atop that favorite wedge…

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With roux and trinity, Gris-Gris aims to bring a high-flying restaurant down to earth

Gris Gris Restaurant New Orleans, an ABO client of Webre Consulting

The New Orleans Advocate

July 29, 2018

Does Gris-Gris have the power change the soul of a once high-flying New Orleans restaurant?
That’s one of the questions on the table as Gris-Gris, a new restaurant, opens this week in the former home of a much different one, Square Root…

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All new #TheDeed Airing Wednesday at 10p!


The Deed on Facebook

July 11, 2018

Who remembers Nicole from season one?
Check her out on Wednesday’s all new The Deed to see how far Bakery Village has
come since Season 1…

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At Three B’s in Lakeview, burgers pair with wine: Opening alert | The Times-Picayune

July 2, 2018

At Three B’s, you can get a burger and fries with a beer to drink. Almost all the beers are local or regional. But wine is the drink of choice here, with whites, reds and even a prosecco on tap. A big window behind the bar lets you peek into the wine cellar…

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Effervescence cooks a Provencal feast for the next Todd Price Taste Club

Effervescence champagne bar and restaurant interior | The Times-Picayune

June 26, 2018

Can’t swing a trip to the Mediterranean this summer? We have the next best thing. On July 25, the Todd Price Taste Club will bring you the flavors of Southern France when Effervescence prepares a Provençal feast…

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Burgers are back at a familiar Lakeview spot, but Three B’s is a different animal

Three B's Restaurant interior

The New Orleans Advocate

June 26, 2018

The Lakeview address that Three B’s Burger & Wine Bar now calls home is practically hard-wired for burger cravings in this neighborhood. And burgers are right in the full name of this new eatery…

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Colors And Flavors Of The 2nd Annual NOLA Caribbean Festival

NOLA Caribbean Festival at Central City BBQ


June 26, 2018

On June 23 and 24, the 2nd Annual NOLA Caribbean Festival took over Central City BBQ for a vibrant, multicultural two-day event. Despite sweltering temperatures, throngs of native Islanders and fans of Caribbean culture celebrated the art, dance, fashion, food and music…

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Inside the humble New Orleans sandwich shop hailed as America’s best new restaurant

CBS News

June 23, 2018

New Orleans has a world-renowned dining scene and more than its share of iconic restaurants. But just a few miles from the French Quarter there is a lesser-known establishment – Turkey and the Wolf – with a simple menu and no shortage of hungry fans…

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24 restaurants opening in New Orleans later this year

Future site of Three B's Restaurant | The Times-Picayune

June 18, 2018

Hungry for something new? Here are two dozen new restaurants coming to New Orleans in the upcoming months…

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Love on Another Level: Joy in Fatherhood

Ron Loesel of Webre Consulting pictured with family

New Orleans Moms Blog

June 15, 2018

We are forever thankful. As a same sex couple, we never imagined that we would be allowed to adopt children… But how times have changed, and for the better. We fostered and adopted the two most beautiful children in the world! We knew love on one level, but wow! The unconditional love that children show for their parents is amazing. And the love we have for our children is a love that I didn’t even know could exist!…

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Bakery Village in the Irish Channel, New Orleans


June 13, 2018

Nicole Webre, property developer, gives an update on Bakery Village and what is next for the property.

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Former home of Square Root, ambitious tasting menu restaurant, will be reborn as Gris Gris

The New Orleans Advocate

June 8, 2018

A new eatery is now taking shape at the former home of Square Root, which for a few years was the most ambitious restaurant in New Orleans.
Gris Gris will be a much more casual restaurant led by chef/owner Eric Cook. He aims to create a modern neighborhood eatery for New Orleans and Southern flavors in the Lower Garden District…

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Eater Awards 2017: Effervescence Sparkles From Bubbles to Meticulously Prepared Bites

Effervescence champagne and wine bar interior

Eater New Orleans

April 23, 2018

“See that painting,” says Crystal Hinds, pointing to a canvas on the far wall of her French Quarter “bubbles and bites” spot, Effervescence, and winner of Eater’s 2017 Bar of the Year. The painting by local artist Anna Kincaide depicts a handsome man in a natty suit, a composition that manages to look both classic and modern at once… “When I saw that painting, I knew and I told her, ‘That is how I want Effervescence to feel.”

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Three B’s in Lakeview will pair burgers with wine

A map showing Three B's Restaurant in Lakeview | The Times-Picayune

March 20, 2018

A new burger restaurant is coming to Harrison Avenue in early May called Three B’s. And the drink of choice here will be wine, not beer…

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Auction House Market Debuts This Weekend

An array of foods served at Auction House Market

Eater New Orleans

February 28, 2018

New Orleans’ newest food hall, Auction House Market, swings open in the Warehouse District for limited dinner service on Friday (from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.) and begins regular hours starting on Saturday.
The food hall, which houses 9 independent food purveyors in nearly 9,000 square feet of space on the corner of Magazine and Julia, comes from the team behind St. Roch Market. Its name is inspired by the space’s previous inhabitant — New Orleans Auction Galleries. The building was constructed in 1895 to house Tinker Copper and Iron Works…

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‘You drink, they eat': Family from ‘Pit Bulls and Parolees’ has a French Quarter eatery for dog lovers

Mariah Harmony and Tania Torres pictured in front of Tahyo Tavern

The New Orleans Advocate

January 11, 2018

Sisters Mariah Harmony and Tania Torres say no matter what they do — no matter the conversation topic, the side project or the family gathering — somehow dogs always return to the center of attention…

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Cambria Hotel & Suites opens in Warehouse District

Cambria Hotel Tchoupitoulas street facade

New Orleans CityBusiness

December 20, 2017

A new boutique hotel has opened in downtown New Orleans.
The Cambria Hotel & Suites at 632 Tchoupitoulas St. began booking rooms this fall. An invitation-only grand opening is scheduled for Jan. 11…

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Top 10 Influencers:2017

Nicole Webre founder and owner of Webre Consulting

Biz New Orleans Magazine

October, 2017

‘My niche in the real estate industry is a very unique one in that I advise clients on zoning and permitting and I also use my knowledge in my own real estate developments. I like to say I practice what I preach. I am most excited about the growth of historic districts in Orleans Parish and the implementation of building design guidelines that require the use of more sustainable and appropriate building materials. The result is that New Orleans will have quality, not just quantity, when it comes to new or redeveloped properties. More thought and care in construction equals longer lasting buildings and homes which promotes stronger communities…’

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Turkey and the Wolf Is the #1 Best New Restaurant in America

An array of foods served at Turkey and the Wolf

Bon Appetit

August 15, 2017

On December 23, 2013, Mason Hereford posted a sandwich pic on Instagram. There was nothing particularly remarkable about it: sliced turkey, mayo, a red condiment of some sort, white cheddar, and lettuce on a French roll. Mason ate this exact sandwich from a deli in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, twice a week for 11 years while he was growing up. It was a perfectly acceptable lunch but not exactly the road to culinary enlightenment—unless you’re Mason Hereford. He captioned the photo: “The sandwich that started it all #turkeyandthewolf2016 #herbmayonnaise and #cranberryrelish.” No, he isn’t clairvoyant; Mason just knew that three years later, he would open the restaurant of his dreams…

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Central City BBQ is the best barbecue restaurant New Orleans has ever seen

A plate of barbecue served at Central City BBQ | The Times-Picayune

July 11, 2017

The most crucial ingredient in barbecue, after meat and smoke, is seldom discussed: salt. It’s the thing that, when properly applied, enables meat to taste like its best self…

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Women of the Year 2016: Nicole Webre

New Orleans CityBusiness

November 11, 2016

As legislative director for New Orleans City Councilwoman Kristin Gisleson Palmer, Nicole Webre Nass often helped consitutents work through legal, permitting and zoning issues…
She is putting that same skill set to work at Bakery Village. While she has done smaller projects such as condo conversions and subdividing and reselling lots, this is her first large real estate development for her own company, Livewell Properties. She’s basically re-planning an entire block in the Irish Channel Historic District, tearing down an old bakery warehouse and returning the area to its former status as a residential neighborhood…

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Top Female Achievers 2016: Nicole Webre

New Orleans Magazine

July 1, 2018

In only three years, Nicole Webre has gone from public servant in City Hall to zoning consultant (Webre Consulting) to self-taught developer of Bakery Village, an urban-infill residential project currently underway in the historic Irish Channel.
Last year Webre purchased the 70,000-square-foot Turnbull Bakery site (bounded by Soraparu, First and St. Thomas streets). From 1946 to 2012, the family-run bakery had operated from the middle of a residential area…

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Steel Magnolias 2015

New Orleans Magazine

October 1, 2015

Nicole Webre embraces her femininity and wears it like a badge of honor. She prioritizes kindness and diplomacy but is also determined to achieve the best possible results for her clients. There are infinite challenges in her line of work, but she strives to meet each with strength and integrity. At the moment, Webre is converting a former bakery site into a subdivision (“The original CEO of the bakery was an independent, fashionable and resilient woman who began running the company in the 1940s,” she says. “It is women like her who inspire me to build my own legacy and do so with poise and grace…”

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